A summer assignment that will rock your socks.

Learn all about argument, rhetorical analysis, and close reading through pop culture.

What is LearnArgument?

"Summer reading," new and improved.

Summer reading is almost always terrible.  Teachers know it.  Students know it.  Parents and administrators know it.  Everyone agrees that it's important to keep students' skills sharp over the summer, but forcing everyone to read The Catcher in the Rye in July just doesn't cut it.  So what's the solution?  Engaging online course modules that use pop culture to foster precisely the skills that students need to be successful in September.

Foster the requisite skills.  

It's 2021.  Why shouldn't students be given the opportunity to engage with high quality learning anytime, anywhere?  Students can complete these  modules at their own pace over the summer months, and can even revisit them throughout the course of the school year.  Best of all, the certificate of completion that students will receive at the end of the coursework demonstrates their proficiency.  Goodbye, awful stack of summer reading essays.

What does "engaging" really mean?

Research (and common sense) shows that the best learning occurs when people are genuinely interested in the content.  This happens when people have prior knowledge to connect to what they're learning, as well as the feeling that the new learning is authentically connected to their lives.  LearnArgument helps students to recognize how understanding argument will give them an edge in the real-world before providing authentic opportunities to apply those skills to the pop culture texts they already engage with every single day.  

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