You've got 99 problems.

Summer reading ain't one.

LearnArgument is an online learning experience that offers a much more effective alternative to traditional summer reading assignments -- especially those that are meant to prepare students for coursework that's focused on argument (i.e. rhetorical analysis, argument writing, source credibility, close reading, and synthesis).  Whether you teach AP Lang, AP Seminar, or any English course that places an emphasis on these skills, this is precisely the thing you've been waiting for.  

Where does LearnArgument pick up the slack?

Traditional summer assignments...
  • Generally ask students to read and write on their own, without any additional instruction over the summer.
  • Require students to engage with texts that they aren't ready to read independently.  And students hate this.
  • Can't account for the skill-building that's necessary to hit the ground running at the start of the school year.
  • Often culminate with stacks of essays that don't accurately reflect students' learning, and are demoralizing for everyone.
  • Provides students with engaging instruction over the course of the summer break.  
  • Engages students with multimedia lessons that use popular media as central texts.  And students love this.
  • Hones in on exactly the skills students need to start the year off strong.  
  • Culminates with an end-of-course certificate that shows students completed the coursework.  There's nothing to grade, and the proof is in the pudding from day one.

Our resources are being used in over 6,000 schools, in over 30 countries, trusted by tens of thousands of educators.

What does LearnArgument look like in action?

Six units comprised of engaging video modules, pop culture analyses, and formative assessments that were designed to foster close reading, rhetorical analysis, and critical thinking skills over the summer.

The units were designed to be completed over six weeks in order to optimize retention and to reduce summer slide, but the modules are self-paced.  Students can learn at the pace that's right for them.

Formative assessments are baked into the learning process, and the course culminates with a "certificate of completion."  Nothing for teachers to grade in September, aside from any optional diagnostic assessments.

We recommend starting the year off with a writing sample (e.g. a released writing prompt from an old AP exam) to better understand your students' new baseline.  Students will start the year stronger than ever before.

Select the plan that best meets your needs!

Or, ask students to register themselves for less than the cost of a summer reading book -- just $15!

Single Class

The easy and fast way to level-up your entire class.



  • Up to 30 students
  • Full access all course modules
  • Self-paced learning for students
  • Extended access (10 months)
Every Class

Empower your students across an entire grade level, or building!



  • Up to 1000 students
  • Full access all course modules
  • Self-paced learning for students
  • Extended access (10 months)


So how does this work?

It's incredibly simple -- and that's the point!

Just let your students know that they must complete the online course at in the summer months, and that's that.  Students will receive a certificate of completion once they finish the program, which can be collected or checked for credit.  

There's nothing for you to grade, but we do encourage teachers to give an assessment to students at the start of the year to measure their newly honed skills.  To that end, the last two modules of the LearnArgument online course prompt students to compose written analyses of two different text sets.  

When you register as a group, you will have access to a special teacher dashboard that enables you to view the progress your students are making, their scores on quizzes, and their writing submissions!

There are two primary options for student registration:

Option 1: You or your school can purchase a group registration.  You'll receive access to a special teacher dashboard that will enable you to invite and link your students.  (This is where you can monitor student progress, view assessment reports, check out writing submissions, and more.)  To request a quote for a school purchase, click here!

Option 2: Students can register themselves ($15/registration).  This is an easy way to ask students to complete the coursework for the cost of a summer reading book -- but, this method does not give you access to a teacher-dashboard.  (Because students will be registering themselves, they won't be linked to your account.)

We've even created these assignment templates to make the process of assigning this summer assignment as easy as possible!

Can students pay for themselves?


Students can register themselves for $15 / registration -- and their accounts will remain active for 10 months.  That means students will have continued access to the online course modules throughout the school year.

We use PayPal to process payments, but PayPal isn't required for a student or parent register -- just a credit card.

Schools can also pay for bulk registrations via PO.  (You can request a quote for your school here!)


Do I get any reports or analytics?


If you or your district registers as a group, you'll have access to a special teacher dashboard.  This will enable you to invite students to the program, to monitor their progress as they complete the course, to see their quiz scores, and to view their writing submissions.

That said, it's important to keep in mind that LearnArgument's coursework is designed to teach for mastery, which means that students can take (and retake, and retake) assessments until they demonstrate an understanding of the concepts or skills being taught.  

The certificate that students earn upon finishing of the course is their proof of completion, and can be checked for credit at the start of the school year.

In the final modules of the course, students are informed that the writing they submit won't be "checked" before generating a certificate of completion, but that their teacher may be able to view and score their writing.  (If this is something you intend to do, we encourage you to reinforce this with your students!)

Can I try this before I assign it?


If you're familiar with TeachArgument's teacher resources and lesson plans, then you already have an idea as to what this coursework looks like -- but we recommend trying LearnArgument firsthand so that you know exactly what your students will be experiencing.  

Simply scroll up and click on the green "TRY IT NOW" button to request special access!

What will I have to grade when school starts?


Part of what makes LearnArgument awesome is that it makes the dreaded stack of summer reading essays obsolete while simultaneously ensuring that students develop the foundational close reading, rhetorical analysis, and argument writing skills that are critical to their success.

Students will receive a certificate of completion once they finish the LearnArgument summer coursework, which they can print and present to you as proof of completion.  That's all there is to it.

We do encourage teachers to administer a diagnostic assessment early in the year to get a better idea as to where students are with their newly honed skills.  (You'll find that they're leaps and bounds of where they typically start the school year -- and that's the whole point!)  

To that end, the last two modules of the LearnArgument online course prompt students to compose written analyses of two different text sets.  Students are told that these writing submissions won't be checked before awarding them a certificate of completion, but that their teacher may be able to access their writing.   This is something you can reinforce with students if you do intend to use their submissions as "first-day writing samples."

Do I have to be a member of TeachArgument to use this?

No, you do not have to be a member of the TeachArgument Community to use LearnArgument -- but, if your school is paying for LearnArgument, you do have the option to bundle the cost of your TeachArgument Community registration.  

Members of the TeachArgument Community have unlimited access to a wealth of resources that make it a piece of cake to continue engaging students in close reading and rhetorical analysis using popular media, pop songs, advertisements, and other compelling mediums as central texts.  (It's really good stuff!)  

You can request to bundle your TeachArgument membership when you request a quote!

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